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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Custom Form Notes:  SiteWizard CMS supports creation of custom forms to collect any kind of information from your visitors.  This module also enables you to create a searchable directory of information.  Make your own mini-programs without knowing anything about databases or programming.  The custom form module was used to build the Small Groups, Volunteer Opportunities, Visitation & Outreach and Membership Class pages on this demo website.

Key custom form features:

  • Form View:
    Use forms to collect information from visitors on your website.  Data is stored in your website's database.
  • Data Directory View:
    Information collected through the forms can be displayed in a data directory with searching, filtering and sorting.
  • Email Notification:
    Administrators or moderators can be notified of any form submission (create, edit or delete) through email.
  • Customization:
    Collect as much or as little information as you like.  Arrange and group the data fields in any order.  Use any combination of data types.
  • Data Types:
    Supports many different data types including calculated columns, currency, date/time, decimal, download, email, image, integer, lookup, rich text (HTML), text, true/false, URL and user profile link.
  • Membership:
    Form submission and editing of data is controlled by the membership system of SiteWizard CMS.
    Forms are secured with CAPTCHA technology to prevent automated submission by spammers.
Outreach Opportunities
Homeless ShelterHomelessVisit the local homeless shelter.  Assist with distributing food and clothing.Sat @ 12:00 PMAaron Negev941-555-0256
Disaster ReliefDisasterTeams will be going to New Orleans to help local churches with clean-up efforts.Fri - SunGeorge Hampton941-555-1295
TestimonialPrisonCome with our prison ministry to the local state penitentiary and share your testimony.  Background check / state clearance required.  Contact us for details.March 2Ken Charles941-555-5925
MinisterOutreachCome with our street ministry / evangelism team and share your witness with others.  Be part of the great commission.Sat @ 3:00 PMPeggy Samson941-555-2659
ComforterHospitalOur church member Sam Westfield is recovering in the hospital after heart surgery.  He would appreciate your visitation, encouragement and prayer.AnytimeBob Smith941-555-5690
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