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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Audio/Video Gallery Notes:  SiteWizard CMS includes a powerful audio/video management system that is a comprehensive solution to almost any website's multimedia needs.

Key features of the audio/video system:

  • Video Conversion:
    The video upload system automatically converts videos to MP4 or FLV format.  Upload your videos in Microsoft Windows Media, Real Media, Apple Quicktime, DivX, Mpeg-2 or MP4 format.
  • High Definition:
    Videos can be encoded to high definition and standard definition formats.  Viewers can select the High or Low bandwidth version of a video.
  • Media Library:
    A full media library system is included that allows users to search and browse by tag and category.  Individual videos can also be added to any page in your website.
  • iPhone / iPad:
    The media player detects browsers that don't support Flash (iPhone/iPad) and uses HTML 5 to play videos (MP4) or audios (MP3) without the need for a plug-in application.
  • YouTube:
    Videos can easily be pulled from YouTube and embedded in your media library.
  • Unlimited Storage1:
    Never worry about running out of space.  Unlimited storage through Amazon S3 is available, allowing you to store many years of high quality audio/video content.
  • Social Interaction:
    Allow registered members of your website to upload their own videos.  Moderators can approve or decline user-submitted content.  Users can share videos through Facebook and other social media.  Users can also participate by providing reviews and comments for videos in your website's library.
  • Desktop App:
    A Windows desktop application is available to easily convert and upload batches of audio/video files.

1Amazon S3 account required.  Unlimited storage only in Platinum edition of SiteWizard CMS.

Video Gallery
videos with Technology tag, 1 results
Technology, faith and human shortcomings
7 years ago
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