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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Photo Gallery Notes:  SiteWizard CMS includes an advanced photo gallery / media library system that visually engages website visitors.

Key features of the photo gallery include:

  • Presentations:
    Over 20 different display types are available (only 2 are shown below).  Options include full-screen galleries, thumbnail / lightbox galleries, carousels, slider / content rotators and more.
  • Multimedia:
    Many of the presentation styles allow inclusion of video, audio and Flash animations.
  • Multiple Albums:
    Most of the presentation types support multiple albums so that your photos and media can be organized in a sensible fashion.
  • Data Feed:
    The photo gallery can connect to Flickr, Picasa or other RSS photo feeds.  There is no need to download and upload photos - your existing galleries can be pulled in automatically.
  • iPhone/iPad:
    Many of the presentations are fully compatible with touch devices and do not require Flash.  For presentations that do require Flash, a fall-back presentation can be selected so iPhone/iPad users can still view the gallery.
  • Bulk Upload:
    No need to tediously upload photos one-by-one.  Multiple bulk upload options allow you to select a group of photos or a zip file for upload.
  • Auto-Resize:
    Resizing is built into the photo gallery system.  Photos are automatically resized during the upload process.  Thumbnail images are also created, sized and cropped according to your settings.
  • Social Interaction:
    Allow registered members to submit photos to your gallery.  Moderators can approve/decline any submission.  Users can also share photos on Facebook and other social network websites.
Photo Gallery Sample 1
Photo Gallery Sample 2
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