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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bible Search Notes:  The Church edition of SiteWizard CMS includes a powerful Bible Search module.  This module is resizable so it can be added into any page.  For example, it can be added to your video player page so that the Bible is available next to a sermon video.

Key features include:

  • Bible Gateway Integration:
    The module integrates the BibleGateway.com bible reader with 100+ Bible versions in 40+ languages.
  • Bible Version Setting:
    Your church can choose the Bible version that will be the default.  Examples:  NIV, KJV, AMP, etc.
  • Start Page Setting:
    Admins can control the page that is first displayed to users.  Options include:  Bible Book List, Genesis 1, Psalm 1, Matthew 1 and John 1.
  • Design Settings:
    Set the height, width, border color and size and search bar options to tailor the Bible Search to your page.
Bible Search
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